Geography and history

Quthing is a region situated in Lesotho. Its capital town is Quthing and is the only town in this region. This region has a total population of approximately 130 000 residents and is the most southern region in Lesotho. This 2 916 km² piece of land is sometimes referred to as Moyeni which means “The Place of the Wind”. The region of Quthing borders the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

The town of Moyeni is the most southerly town in the country and is the proud host of the Masitise Cave House which served as a refuge house during the Basotho-Boer War. The historical village town of Mount Moorosi is located in the beautiful Sebapala Valley and near the Letsie Lake with its wonderful picnic areas.


Quthing offers many affordable options regarding visitor accommodation. There are bed and breakfasts, self-catering units, camping sites and many more facilities available. Please see our accommodation directory for a complete list of places to stay in the region.


The business sector of Quthing is a successful one. The many natural attractions lure tourists to this area. There are shops, stalls, products and restaurants in the area to choose from. Please go to our business directory for a full list of businesses you will find in the area. A mixture of historical and natural activities and attractions can be found in the Quthing region. Please go to our activities directory for a list of all the things to do in the region.