Geography and history

Maseru is a region situated in Lesotho. Its capital city is the Maseru which is also the capital of the country. This region is the largest urban area in the country with an area of 4 279 km². Its total population is approximately 500 000 residents and the name Maseru means “Place of the Red Earth”. This region is one of the western regions of the country and borders on the Free State Province of South Africa.

Its capital city, and that of the country, is the major gateway for travellers visiting Lesotho. Maseru is known for its vibrant mixture of cultures. A town named Roma in this region is full of rich history retained from the Roman Catholic Church. It also houses the National University of Lesotho. Semonkong is a remote village once used as a hideout for outlaws. Here you will find the magnificent Maletsunyane Falls which are the highest single-drop falls in Southern Africa.


Being the region with capital city of the country, Maseru offers loads of visitor accommodation. There are bed and breakfasts, guest houses, hotels, lodges, self-catering units and caravan and camping sites available in the area. Please view our accommodation directory for a complete list of the places to stay.


The business community of Maseru is thriving. This busy region has everything you need as a tourist and the business owners are very eager to be of service. The restaurants in the region are a culinary delight and there is something to suit every taste. Please go to our business directory for more information on all the businesses in the region. The Maseru region is loaded with many activities and attractions to keep you busy from day until night. Please see our activities directory for a list of things to do.