Geography and history

Mafeteng is a region located in Lesotho. Its capital town is Mafeteng and it is the only town in this region. The region of Mafeteng has a total population of approximately 200 000 residents and borders the Free State Province of South Africa. This 2 119 km² area is one of the western regions of Lesotho.

The capital town of Mafeteng is full of rich history. The name of this town means “Lefeta’s Place” which refers to a popular magistrate who worked in this area. This town is a very busy trading centre for the region. The popular Malealea destination is used as the base for pony-trekking, a means of travelling through the beautiful lands of Lesotho on horse-back.


The region of Mafeteng offers many options for tourist accommodation. Facilities in the area include – bed and breakfasts, guest houses, lodges, camping sites and self-catering units. Please see our accommodation directory for more information on all the places to stay in the region.


The business sector of Mafeteng is prospering thanks to the many outdoor activities, such as pony-trekking, that lures many tourists in this direction. There are many shops, stalls, products and restaurants for visitors in the area. Please go to our business directory for a complete list of all the businesses in the area. The outdoor activities and attractions in the region are endless! There is something to do for everyone. Please view our activities directory for a list of things to do.