Geography and history

Berea is a region situated in Lesotho. Its capital town is Teya-Teyaneng and it has a total population of approximately 300 000 residents. The area of Berea is about 2 222 km² and it is one of the Northern regions of Lesotho.

The capital town of Teya-Teyaneng is known for its busy business community where there are many local craft centres. Locally known as “TY”, this town has a few surrounding caves where the San people have left some evidence of their inhabitancy.


The region of Berea does not have many well-known towns or villages, but still offers many options for accommodation. There are self-catering units, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and camping sites available in the area. Please view our accommodation directory for a complete list of places to stay in the region.


The business community of this region is thriving thanks to the funding generated from locally produced products. There are shops, products, souvenirs and restaurants to suit every budget. Please see our business directory for more information on all the businesses you will find in the area. The region of Berea is located near many outdoor activities and attractions for the whole family. Please go to our activities directory for a list of things to do.