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Lesotho also referred to as “The Kingdom in the Sky”, is one of the ultimate eco-destinations. The two main attractions of this country are the majestic mountain vistas and the culture of the friendly Basotho people who inhabit this area. During the winter months, the magnificent Maluti and Drakensberg mountain ranges are capped with snow. Tourists are encouraged to visit this area during the colder months in order to enjoy activities such as skiing. The natural surroundings of Lesotho are breathtaking – plummeting waterfalls, lush greens and more than half a year’s sunshine. This Kingdom in the southern corner of Africa is the perfect getaway destination.

Lesotho, officially the Kingdom of Lesotho, is a landlocked country and completely surrounded by its only neighbouring country, South Africa.

The Basotho people who inhabit this country are extremely friendly and would love to share their rich culture with the rest of the world. Whilst pony-trekking through the lands, make sure to stop at one of the villages and immerse yourself into the Basotho culture.

Activities in Lesotho

Tourists can enjoy the stunning mountain passes along the A8 road from Hlotse to the Katse Dam. This dam offers many fun-filled outdoor activities for the whole family. As this is the Kingdom of mountains, those who own a 4x4 can explore the Highlands and stop at the breathtaking Maletsunyane Falls. The falls can also be visited by making use of a popular native form of transport, pony-trekking. Some few kilometres from Qacha’s Nek is the remote Sehlabathebe National Park. This park offers lush grasslands, a variety of bird life and many alpine flora species. There are many local carpet and basket weaving studios in the Lowlands which can be visited by the public.

Accommodation in Lesotho

Come and experience Lesotho hospitality and get in touch with the wide variety of fascinating cultures and local traditions. If you're planning a trip to Lesotho, you'll need to find somewhere to stay. A variety of accommodation options are available in Lesotho including hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, budget accommodation etc.  

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Lesotho Information DirectoryLesotho Information DirectoryLesotho Information DirectoryLesotho Information DirectoryLesotho Information DirectoryLesotho Information Directory