Southern Africa, a setting of magnificent beauty

Southern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa
Southern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa


Southern Africa, a setting of magnificent beauty.

Southern Africa is home to a mass variety of beautiful locations and activities that are unique and can't be duplicated elsewhere in the world. For anyone who has interest in enriching their life with striking scenery, atmosphere or vast expanses of isolated terrain, this is the continent to consider.

From the Arid Kalahari to the tropical Mozambique, an enormous assortment of species of wildlife and plant life alike can be observed in and about Southern Africa.

Mozambique is stunning with its cultural richness and is home to perfect beaches. It is known as an excellent spot for diving and one can enjoy surfing, snorkelling, fishing and more luxury experiences than one can fit in a day. The waters of the Indian Ocean are warm, and are home to a great multiplicity of marine life. What's closer to harmony than swimming with dolphins?

Botswana is geographically central to Africa. Its wetlands and desert are inhabited by the likes of different antelope types, Lions, meerkats, a mass of birds and reptiles and many more. A fine attraction for this region is the Okavango River, which unexpectedly ends on the salty plains of the Kalahari, at its prolific delta. Here some species roam, such as elephant, hyenas, hippos, leopards and Nile crocodiles. In Botswana, One can house themselves in tents or find some of Southern Africa's finest luxury accommodation, fitting to the individuals taste and perhaps bravery!

Lesotho, situated over 1000 meters above sea level, possesses grand magnificent views from its high haughty mountainous terrain. One may take in the fresh mountain air on hikes, and pony trips along vast, captivating hillside trails.

Swaziland boasts lush forests, thriving valleys, and mountainous glory, and the humid African lowveld. Giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, impala, warthog, steenbok, ostrich and monkeys amongst other creatures occupy this terrain.

Namibia, home to the Namib Desert, Fish River Canyon and the Kalahari Desert, includes seascapes, wild terrain, desert expanses and draping sand dunes. 2nd largest in the world, the fish river canyon is over 500 meters deep and almost 160 km's long. Also, abundant game can be viewed in the desert regions.

South Africa is a massive source for gratifying experiences. From the Mountain ranges and beaches of the western cape to the Kruger National Park, South Africa is a world-class travel destination. Kruger National Park, near Nelspruit, Is a perfect place to see a mass collection of wildlife species, including the big five. Some inhabitants are Kudu, Impala, Lions, cheetahs, elephant, black rhinos, white rhinos, wildebeest, spotted hyenas, African buffalo and many other sorts. The vegetation of the Cedarburg mountains are a most delightful feature. Colours previously unseen can be viewed in the Mediterranean Fynbos, the main plant life, And higher in the mountains are the snow protea and endangered Clanwilliam Cedar.

People who want to partake in the experience can easily find luxury accommodation. Perhaps those on honeymoon, those needing vehicle or 4x4 hire, those wanting South African overland safaris. All can find peace in the outstanding destination that is Southern Africa.

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Southern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa