The Doorway of Southern Africa

The Doorway of Southern Africa
The Doorway of Southern Africa

The democratic republic of the Tanzania and Congo which is generally considered in East and central Africa correspondingly are sporadically incorporated in southern Africa. This is also described as the part of Africa south of the Cunene and Zambezi rivers, that is, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia. This is the common definition used in most of the guide books and in natural science. 
Among all, Namibia plays a huge role. If we look back to the history of Namibia, that will indeed impress you. The history of this dynamic landscape can be found imprinted into rock painting dating back to 26,000 B.C. An extensive ancestry of a variety of groups such as San Bushman, Bantu herdsmen and Himba, Nama and Herero tribes are the belongings of this rocky land for almost thousands of years.
Since Namibia is one of the world most infertile and uncongenial coastlines, Namibia travel was a dream for everyone, no outsiders came in until the middle of the nineteenth century. That day onwards there were many travelers, prospector, hunters and missionaries began to jot down to this remarkable center. Somehow Namibia was immensely secured the attention of the European powers till the end of the 19th century when it was occupied by German. The migration period was blemished by lots of clash and revolts by the pre-regal Namibia inhabitants until the first world war when it suddenly ruined upon Germany’s capitulate to the South African army. 

Afterward there were many junctures that Namibia passed trough and finally after the democratic election which was held in 1989, Namibia was lucky enough to feel the air of independence on 21st of March 1990.
Passing trough all these challenges Namibia has become one of the center attractions in the world which is open for anyone to enjoy their holiday in Namibia. The world well recognized oldest landscape is blessed with many features which as gathered a huge respect and impression among the travelers. Hiking, sky diving, riding, birding, water rafting, Botswana safaris are a few of the most remarkable activities and adventure that one can enjoy trough out there stay in Southern Africa.

As it is a blessed land with amazing disparity, Namibia lends a never-ending number of safari tour adventure packages which can be fixed according to your interest and budget. Those packages also may include Botswana Safaris as well. Whatever the package you choose all it gives you the same spirit of safari that you have ever experienced before. Holiday in Namibia will indeed make your vacation remarkable and unforgettable. Spending the life time in a same way of routing will not give you to excavate the spirit of the world, getting into a wide range of cultures and creeds will make your life more interesting and enthusiastic. 
Namibia is one of the world heritage sites, which has a deep value in many ways. Taking time to listen to the silence among the adventures of mind, will inspire your soul.

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