Lesotho - Visit the Destination For Charming and Elegant Lifestyle

Lesotho - AfricaLesotho - AfricaLesotho - Africa
Lesotho - AfricaLesotho - AfricaLesotho - Africa


Lesotho - Visit the Destination For Charming and Elegant Lifestyle

Lesotho is a landlocked country of South Africa. The word Lesotho typically means the land of people who speak Sesotho. The beauty of this country is worth seeing as nature has bestowed all this elegance and charm on this amazing country. Come let us have an enjoyable journey to this exotic destination.

Best Destinations To Visit 

Lesotho is an adventurous country full of exciting destinations to visit and see. It is mostly famous for outdoor activities which are its charming features.

The very first destination is the King's Palace situated in the capital city of Lesotho, Maseru. The palace has an extraordinary history. It is built using the ancient architectural designs.

The major activities include horse riding, mountain climbing, hiking and the most important being the Pony trekking. It is the most famous activity enjoyed by the tourists. The visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the mountains.

The must visited destination is the rural area of Lesotho where you need to spot the nightlife as it is full of dazzling and vivacious experiences. Even Trek is a beautiful place to visit situated on the borders of South Africa.

The best time to visit is usually in the month of August when the spring season just begins and all the environments blossoms with the season. Even May and July are most visited months because it is the snow time I all the African countries.

The transport system in Lesotho is finely developed connecting it by rail, road, airways and waterways. There are more than 28 airports here out of which Moshoeshoe International Airport is the most important and famous.

Hotels To Stay At

1. Lesotho Sun Hotel 

This hotel provides world class facilities with high standard of living. The facilities include Color satellite television, 24 hours room service, hair dryer, laundry facility and mini bar. They also provide internet connection to their guest. So in all it is a wonderful place to stay.

2. Hotel Victoria 

The hotel is centrally located having a perfect blend of African cultures. They provide air conditioned rooms, coffee maker facility, telephone, television with satellite connection and a balcony to have a exquisite view of the place.

3. Maseru Hotel And Casino 

The hotel is a popular one providing spacious rooms with cozy atmosphere. The rooms are air conditioned and a maid service is provided. The hotel is also open for business meetings, seminars and conferences.

So go and have a rocking visit to Lesotho and experience the charm and beauty of this country.

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Lesotho - AfricaLesotho - Africa