What to look for in one-night stopover accommodation

stopover accommodationWhat to look for in one-night stopover accommodation
stopover accommodationWhat to look for in one-night stopover accommodation

What to look for in one-night stopover accommodation

When one decides to do a roadtrip or stopover in a town on their way to a further destination, the services of a one-night stopover accommodation place is required. It’s dangerous to drive or travel when one is extremely tired because they aren’t as alert on the road or notice their surroundings and that’s when accidents happen.

Normally, along the road, you’ll find little towns with inns, backpackers or motels that are all you need for an affordable, one-night stay. You still shouldn’t, however, just go along with whichever accommodation place comes first. There are a few things you should look for in your one-night stopover that will be sufficient in giving you what you need to continue the journey the next day.


Ease of checking in and out

First of all, you need to find a place that doesn’t give you any hassles to check in and out. You’re looking to get into bed as soon as possible and back on the road as soon as you’re ready. There’s no time for receptionists giving you a hard time in terms of last-minute price hikes, unavailability (when you can clearly see all the keys for the empty rooms behind them), additional levies or a generally bad attitude when it comes to serving you.

You’ll likely be getting in late, but if they’re open, then they’re meant to be able to accommodate you. And in the morning, you’ll probably need to leave early and, again, they should be able to help you in terms of collecting your key and letting you out, if need be.


Comfortable rooms

If you’re happy that there aren’t any issues with your arrival, checking-in and departure times, then the next thing you need to look for is comfortable rooms. The whole point of you being there is to get some quality rest so that you’re able to continue your adventure in the morning. And that won’t be possible if your room is uncomfortable.

  • The bed: You need to rest and that will already prove a challenge because you’re sleeping in a strange bed, so you really don’t need a lumpy mattress or scratchy duvet covers to keep you from falling asleep either. You need a comfortable bed with supportive pillows and duvet covers that feel like home and like you’re about to have the best sleep of your life.
  • Temperature regulation: Next, you need to make sure that you are able to regulate the room’s temperature in some way or another. A fan or air conditioner when it’s warm and a heater or extra blankets for the cold winter evenings. Temperature plays a large role in how well you are able to rest.
  • Light sources: Curtains or blinds are a must. If you’re looking for uninterrupted rest (which, we’ve already established, you are), you need to be able to block any street or outside light sources from catching your eyes everytime you roll over.
  • Doors: You want to feel safe when you go to sleep in a new place and have all your belongings with you. Make sure that you’re happy with how the doors and windows close and lock. You’ll sleep extremely lightly if you’re paranoid about your safety.


Breakfast and/or dinner services

Something else you should consider with your stopover accommodation is their breakfast and dinner options and how flexible they are with those services. If you can pre-empt your need to stay over somewhere and you manage to call and make a booking (still knowing full well that you'll only arrive there late), you should ensure that they arrange to keep a dinner serving aside for you and your party. Especially if it’s meant to be included in the accommodation fee.

The same thing goes for breakfast. Some places may only open their kitchens around 07:30, by which time you’d prefer to already be back on the road. In those cases, you need to find out if they have standard cereals that can be left out the night before for you to grab in the early morning just before you make your way out.

If they don’t offer any mealtime services, you may want to consider another accommodation place or make a stop at the nearest grocery store to grab a bite to eat in the car.


24-hour on-call service

Lastly, it would be extremely convenient and helpful for an accommodation place that operates around the clock. And it’s not to say that you’ll be a needy guest, it’s purely for the late evening arrival and early morning departure. Having the freedom to pay upfront when you arrive or being restricted to the morning you leave to settle the bill may affect the projected roadtrip timeline.

It’s best to arrange with the accommodation manager what will be best for them, while still accommodating your schedule.

What to look for in one-night stopover accommodation